Friday, 19 February 2021 19:41

Statement by Chairperson of Committee on Tourism, Agriculture, Ecology and Spatial Planning, Mr Dragan Krapović, on bear killing in Berane

As the Chairperson of the Committee on Tourism, Agriculture, Ecology and Spatial Planning, I strongly condemn the killing of a bear in Berane and endangering the lives of bear cubs.

The Criminal Code of Montenegro identifies the killing and abuse of animals and the destruction of their habitat as a criminal offense. In this respect, I call on all institutions to implement legal provisions fully in order to protect the living things and their habitats so that neither this nor similar situations would ever happen again.

The Committee responsible for hunting will closely monitor drafting and implementation of legal solutions in the field of game and hunting. A hunting moratorium is one of the solutions that would enable the protection of endangered species and those almost extinct. Bear, as protected species in Europe, must also enjoy that status in Montenegro, as a candidate country on the path to the EU. Preserving bears in the wild is our common interest for the future. In order for that to happen, it is necessary to properly manage this population while raising the awareness of the citizens and learning not to degrade bear habitats, for it not to be forced to approach suburban areas.