Thursday, 08 November 2018 14:58

Meeting Mr Drobnjak - Mr Eriksen

The Chairperson of the Gender Equality Committee held a meeting with a representative of the Norwegian Centre for Integrity in the Defence Sector - CIDS

At today’s 22nd Meeting, Chairperson of the Gender Equality Committee Ms Nada Drobnjak has informed the members about the Committee’s activities between the meetings. Also, they shared views on the upcoming activities.

Chairperson of the Gender Equality Committee of the Parliament of Montenegro Ms Nada Drobnjak and Committee members Ms Branka Tanasijević and Ms Sanja Pavićević went for a study visit to the Austrian institutions in Vienna on 25 and 26 September 2018.

Topic: Gender equality and gender mainstreaming

Readiness for continuing the successful cooperation expressed during the discussion 

Consultative hearing on the topic “Monitoring the implementation of the 2030 National Strategy for Sustainable Development of Montenegro, in line with the SDG 5 of the Sustainable Development Strategy of the UN General Assembly from 2015”.

Tokom razgovora iskazana spremnost za saradnju 

Na dnevnom redu – Akcioni plan za sprovođenje Strategije ženskog preduzetništva Crne Gore 2015-2020. godina, za 2018.godinu i Izvještaj o realizaciji Akcionog plana za sprovođenje Strategije razvoja ženskog preduzetništva u Crnoj Gori 2015-2020. godine za 2017. godinu

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