Tuesday, 27 October 2020 18:29

MP Ms Branka Bošnjak participates in OSCE Gender Equality Review Conference

MP Bošnjak gave a speech on the topic: “Women’s Participation in Political and Public Life”

MP Ms Branka Bošnjak participated in the Third OSCE Gender Equality Review Conference, held online on 27 and 28 October 2020.

MP Bošnjak had a speech within the first session “Women’s Participation in Political and Public Life”.

As she said, the fact of the matter was that in the past ten years things had been changing for the better with regard to women’s participation, but this process should go a lot faster, because women make up more than 50% of population in Montenegro. That is why we need a change in legal regulations at the party level. We cannot have progress on this issue until we step outside of the party confines. She thinks that this campaign should be led by a man or men, because then it would be heard more and it would be more appealing. And the statistics show that there are incomparably more women that successfully complete their higher education, who are the best students, but unfortunately that is still not enough for them to be viewed equally when it comes to decision-making positions.

MP Bošnjak said that a so-called Women's Group should be formed in the Parliament, consisting of all female MPs regardless of their party affiliation. Such an MP group would have a mechanism to launch many initiatives with regard to the issue of gender equality and the overall position of women, and it should be a supra-party body. Also, due to live broadcasting, the parliamentary speaker's stand provides great power in the media.

The aim of the Conference is to exchange opinions among the OSCE participating states, partners for cooperation, OSCE’s executive structures, CSOs and the academic community about the progress achieved in the implementation of the 2004 OSCE Action Plan for the Promotion of Gender Equality.

The conference provided an opportunity to exchange examples of good practice, discuss challenges and limitations in the implementation of the Action Plan, as well as to consider further action.

During the two-day conference, in addition to the above, the following topics were also discussed: “Women’s Participation in the Security Sector”, “Women’s Economic Empowerment” and “Determined Recommendations and Further Steps and Activities”.