Saturday, 25 July 2020 17:10

Member of the Committee on Education, Science, Culture and Sports Mr Andrija Popović visits the Maritime Faculty

Member of the Committee on Education, Science, Culture and Sports Mr Andrija Popović visited on 24 July 2020 the Maritime Faculty of the University of Montenegro in Kotor, upon the invitation of Mr Špiro Ivošević, Dean of the Faculty.

During the meeting, Mr Ivošević, Dean, informed Mr Popović, MP, about the organisation and operation of the Maritime Faculty, particularly pointing out the intensive development period of the Faculty, starting from 2012 to the present day, which included the development of both - teaching and scientific process and improvement of work reflected in the implementation of large number of national and international projects, where the Faculty acted as a holder or partner. The financial resources, used in that way, were invested in the development of the Faculty, namely the procurement of modern simulators and other equipment, for the purpose of improving not only the teaching process but also the training of seafarers. He also emphasised the continuous development of the teaching staff, which is reflected in the training of teachers and associates, and the tendency to create and employ young PhDs. He also mentioned the development of practical classes, and the care of the Faculty for its students in terms of enabling their first boarding. He proudly pointed out the intensive mobility of both teaching staff and students, such as the stay of foreign students at the Faculty, even during the current coronavirus epidemic, and the stay of our students at foreign faculties. He pointed out that they were especially proud of the international cooperation, both with related faculties in the region and beyond, as well as cooperation with business entities, and success in connecting and joint action with the local community.

In a constructive conversation, among other things, they talked about some statements that could be heard at the recent parliamentary session, when the Maritime Faculty was put into a negative context. The Faculty leadership denies these claims resolutely, argumentatively and uncompromisingly and proudly emphasises its status as a significant part of the higher education system.

During the conversation, Mr Andrija Popović, MP, pointed out that his obligation as an MP and as a member of the Committee on Education, Science and Sports was to monitor and research information on possible non-academic phenomena in the education system and expose them.

Also, the interlocutors agreed that, at the moment, one cannot say that there are negative phenomena at the Maritime Faculty in Kotor regarding the non-academic activities.

Mr Andrija Popović stated that he and his colleagues from the Committee for Education, Science, Culture and Sports, in cooperation with the Ministry of Science, visited the Maritime Faculty in Kotor in 2016 and that the Committee members had the opportunity and pleasure to learn about the achievements of the Faculty and the opportunities provided to students during the teaching process.

At the end of the meeting, they stated that he Faculty is a prestigious institution of higher education that has produced generations of domestic and foreign students, who conscientiously graduated from one of the study programs of this faculty, some of whom were awarded with the highest maritime titles, working in the companies around the world.