Tuesday, 27 December 2016 12:13

Committee on Education, Science, Culture and Sports holds its Second Meeting

Proposal for the 2017 Budget Law of Montenegro considered

At today’s Second Meeting, the Committee on Human Rights and Freedoms has considered the Proposal for the 2017 Budget Law of Montenegro, in the part relating to consumer units: Ministry of Education, Ministry of Science, Ministry of Culture and Ministry of Sport.

They noted a positive relation of the Government which, in the time of implementation of rehabilitation policy, has recognised the importance of these fields and projected funds for 2017 without restrictive measures.

Representatives of the relevant ministries, from within competences of the Committee, agreed that the planned budget would provide normal functioning of these budgetary users, with the desire to discuss the necessary developments of these areas in the period to come. 

Following the discussion, the Committee voted in favour of the Proposal for the 2017 Budget Law of Montenegro, which will, in accordance with Art. 137 of the Rules of Procedure of the Parliament of Montenegro, deliver the Opinion to the lead working body - Committee for Economy, Finance and Budget.

Aside from members of the Committee, the meeting was also attended by: Mr Nikola Vukićević, Director General of the Budget Department at the Ministry of Finance; Ms Slobodanka Burić and Ms Jadranka Rakočević, advisors at the Ministry of Finance; Ms Mubera Kurpejović, Director General of the Directorate for Higher Education at the Ministry of Education; Ms Smiljana Prelević, Secretary of the Ministry of Science; Ms Dragica Milić, Director General in the Directorate for cultural and art creativity at the Ministry of Culture and Ms Branka Tanasijević, as interested MP.