Wednesday, 04 October 2017 15:19

Congatulatory message on the occasion of 5 October – International Teachers Day

Chairperson of the Committee on Education, Science, Culture and Sports, Mr Radule Novović, extended a congatulatory message to Montenegrin teachers

On the occasion of 5 October, International Teachers Day, I extend to all the teachers in Montenegro the most sincere congratulations, with the wish to continue to successfully carry out their work, to the satisfaction of all of us.

The profession of the teacher is remarkable in many ways. It is, above all, responsible and noble. With their attitude towards pupils, our young generations, teachers directly influence their future, and therefore the future of the whole society.

Therefore, it is a pleasure to know that because of the determination of state authorities of Montenegro teachers have gained the reputation they deserve in the society, and that preconditions have been created for the profession of the teacher to be one of the most reputable and most sought-after.

Our country has been taking decisive steps forward to the classification among the developed countries of Europe and the world. The most important driving force on this path is, without a doubt, high-quality educational personnel. In the education process, regardless of the exceptional advancement in technology and its wide use, the role of teachers is irreplaceable, and can be said to be crucial.

That is why today is a good opportunity to be reminded of the importance of the noble mission of educational workers, and to point to the fact that the work of teachers is one of the most important for the overall development of the society.

In the end, dear teachers, my dear colleagues, let me once again, on behalf of the Committee on Education, Science, Culture and Sports of the Parliament of Montenegro and on my own behalf, extend congratulations on the occasion of 5 October, International Teachers Day.