Tuesday, 30 October 2018 13:00

Members of the Committee on Political System, Judiciary and Administration hold meeting with the ODIHR delegation

Chairperson of the Committee on Political System, Judiciary and Administration, Mr Željko Aprcović, and members of the Committee, Ms Jovanka Laličić and Mr Miloš Nikolić, met today with the delegation of the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights, composed of Mr Donald Bisson, Head of the ODIHR election observation mission for the presidential election in Montenegro, and Mr Vladimir Misev, Senior Election Adviser

At the meeting, the discussion was about the ODIHR Election Observation Mission Final Report on the presidential elections in Montenegro, held in April 2018. This regarding, Mr Bisson pointed in short that the mission assessed the compliance of the electoral process with commitments undertaken within the framework of the OSCE, other international obligations and standards of democratic elections, as well as with domestic legislation.

Representatives of the Committee, from the perspective of the members of the Working Group with the task to amend the electoral legislation in the previous period, pointed out that the previous ODIHR reports have been a good basis for its work, and that, without a doubt, in the period to come, all recommendations would be respected and implemented in the course of the upcoming reform of electoral legislation.

The interlocutors concluded that the elections constitute a comprehensive process that requires continuous improvement, and that it is in the public interest for them to be extremely transparent, open, with the aim of strengthening democracy in Montenegro.