Monday, 08 October 2018 17:12

Chairperson and members of the Committee on Political System, Judiciary and Administration meet with Ms Jozefina Topalli

Chairperson of the Committee on Political System, Judiciary and Administration Mr Željko Aprcović and Committee members Mr Miloš Nikolić and Mr Radule Novović today talked with Ms Jozefina Topalli, OSCE expert.

The meeting was organised as part of the activity implemented by the Mission aimed at providing support to the strengthening of the work of the Committee. The MPs had the opportunity to inform the expert about the responsibilities and activities of this Committee, pursuant to the Rules of Procedure of the Parliament of Montenegro. Chairperson of the Committee Mr Željko Aprcović highlighted the judiciary reform process, being implemented as of 2012, as a key field under the responsibility of the Committee. Committee members informed the expert about the lawmaking procedure and the Committee’s role in that part. The conversation also focused on topics relating to the following: electoral legislation, transparency of the Committee's meetings, consideration of the budget for consumer units under the responsibility of the Committee, as well as the oversight and control role of this working body.

Following the conversation with the Chairperson and Committee members, Ms Jozefina Topalli also met with the staff of the Secretariat of the Committee. The focus of the meeting was on the staff’s job descriptions, with special reference to the professional support provided for Committee members relating to the acts considered by the Committee.