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Saturday, 02 May 2020 13:30

Letter by Chairperson of the Committee on International Relations and Emigrants to the organisations and associations of Montenegrin diaspora-emigrants

Chairperson of the Committee on International Relations and Emigrants Mr Andrija Nikolić has sent a letter to the organisations and associations of Montenegrin diaspora-emigrants 

Dear diaspora,  

In this time difficult for the entire world, due to the pandemic caused by coronavirus, citizens of Montenegro and its diaspora are sharing the same concerns. Aware of the situation that our homeland has been facing, representatives of the Montenegrin diaspora have proved that serious tackling of pandemic implies joint operations, solidarity and commitment to the best standards of personal responsibility and humaneness.

We in Montenegro listened and read with enthusiasm every day about the donations and patriotic engagement of our prominent emigrants and diaspora associations. Love towards the homeland, demonstrated by Montenegrin diaspora this time as well, is at the same time a confirmation that diaspora never forgets their roots, but on the contrary - inspires everybody to be their best version in overcoming the crisis.

Unique and patriotic example of our humanist Mr Hajriz Hačko Brčvak has echoed in the entire region and proved that difficult times also give a birth to big heroes.  

I believe that, while carefully monitoring the developments in our state, you know that for a long period of time Montenegro had been the only European state with no registered cases of coronavirus, therefore the Government, following the recommendations of the experts, was the only one in Europe to bring a decision on introducing restrictive measures for preserving people’s health even before the first registered case of coronavirus. The engagement of the responsible people from the Clinical Centre, Public Health Institute, the entire health system, but also other Montenegrin institutions involved in implementing the Government measures during the pandemic, have confirmed that our state have achieved the high level of social and institutional development.  Also, it was proven that the citizens believe to the institutions, so today Montenegro has the lowest mortality rate, low infection rate and high rate of those who have recovered.

Great credit for the dedicated and organised response of the state to coronavirus outbreak belongs to our diplomatic and consular network, which has crucially helped organise the return of our citizens to Montenegro and foreigners from Montenegro, but also in providing humanitarian aid and donations from abroad and the diaspora.

Bearing in mind that the current health and social challenge is a blow to our economy, Montenegro will have a great challenge to face - how to maintain its economic stability and restore the course of strong progress achieved in the previous year and early this year. In the time ahead, a new unity of the citizens of Montenegro and its diaspora will be necessary for the economic recovery of our country. By turning to domestic production, buying Montenegrin products and spending the summer in the most beautiful place in the world - Montenegro, we will contribute to the recovery of our economy. 

With a sincere wish that Montenegro and the countries where you live and work get out of the crisis as soon as possible and start the recovery, I would like to thank everyone who helped our country with its donations and engagement in dealing with the coronavirus epidemic.