Monday, 20 February 2017 11:24

MP Ms Drobnjak to take part in the WebEx meeting within the project - OSCE Study on wellbeing and security of women

Podgorica, 21 February 2017

MP Ms Nada Drobnjak, Chairperson of the Gender Equality Committee and a member of the Committee on Human Rights and Freedoms, will take part in the WebEx meeting within the project “OSCE Study on wellbeing and security of women” which will take place in Podgorica, in the meeting room of the OSCE Mission to Montenegro, on 21 February 2017.

The OSCE plans to implement a representative public opinion poll on violence against women in ten OSCE member states in South-Eastern and Eastern Europe, as well as in South Caucasus, and special attention will be paid to experiences of women during conflict and in post-conflict situations. The main goal of the project is to create a comparative database on various forms of violence against women which the national actors and representatives of the international community could use in improving their creation of policies and support programmes for prevention of gender based violence. The project consists of several stages which include: work in the field, data analysis, reporting on main findings of the research, and a campaign aimed at informing the public about them. During work in the field, at least 1,500 women will be interviewed in every state, and the first results of the research are expected in mid-2018.

After research is conducted in Montenegro, Serbia, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Kosovo, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, and Moldova, a case study will be made which will contain comparable data on violence against women in these states.