U Beču počelo plenarno zasijedanje Konferencije odbora za evropske poslove parlamenata Evropske unije (COSAC)

Beč, 18 – 20. novembar 2018. godine

Razmijenjena mišljenja o aktuelnim izazovima na unutrašnjim reformama Crne Gore i budućim koracima na tom polju, kao i o aktuelnim izazovima Evropske unije i procesa pristupanja


There was discussion about the programme and organisation of the COSAP and international activities of the Committee aimed at strengthening parliamentary diplomacy

It was pointed out that the EU was the future of the Western Balkans countries

The Protocol on Cooperation of the two committees signed, and concrete models of cooperation in the field of European integration considered

They highlighted the significance of parliamentary diplomacy for the upcoming negotiation stage and agreed on more intensive cooperation between the Committee and the Office

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