Tuesday, 19 February 2019 12:04

Deputy Chairperson of the Committee on European Integration meets Ambassador of Bulgaria

The meeting covered opinions on the achieved results of Montenegro and its further steps in the process of EU accession, as well as on future models of cooperation to contribute to stronger connecting and cooperation between the two countries.

Deputy Chairperson of the Committee on European Integration, Mr Adrijan Vuksanović, hosted the newly appointed Ambassador of the Republic of Bulgaria to Montenegro, Ms Meglena Plougtchieva-Aleksandrova.

Deputy Chairperson Vuksanović said that the Committee on European Integration has cherished good relations with its Bulgarian counterparts, the Protocol on Cooperation between the Committee on European Integration and the Committee on European Affairs and Oversight of the European Funds of the National Assembly of the Republic of Bulgaria serving as proof, signed in September last year in Sofia, as well as regular bilateral meetings of the two committees on an annual basis.

Н.Е. the Ambassador Plougtchieva-Aleksandrova stressed that she will make use of her ambassadorial mission in order to present in the best way possible the achieved successes and current efforts of Montenegro on the road to EU membership in all important European addresses. Ms Plougtchieva-Aleksandrova said that the policy of enlargement has been high on the political agenda for Bulgaria and that Bulgaria has been providing support to Montenegro for the opening of Chapter 8 - Competition policy. The Ambassador stressed the importance of achieving visible results of the implemented reforms in the country, and that she percieved her contribution to future cooperation in initiating meetings with relevant representatives of the European Parliament and European officials, in order to present the achieved progress, goals and challenges of Montenegro on the path to full membership.

Mr Vuksanović emphasised that the basis for cooperation, set up at the meeting, will be of great benefit to both the Committee on European Integration and to Montenegro, because it is important to persuade European partners that the reforms are being carried out in the right way on the road to the European Union. Mr Vuksanović said that the membership of Montenegro in the EU will further strengthen the friendly relations of the two countries, stressing that the Western Balkans will contribute to the cultural wealth of the Union with their membership.