Committee supported the Proposal for the strategy on national security of Montenegro   

The Committee decided to propose to the Parliament to send an opinion to the Government of Montenegro to appoint Mr Veselin Veljović as a director of the Police Administration

Regional Conference "All for one one for all", organised by the Alfa Centre, was dedicated to NATO membership issues of the Western Balkans countries.

The Committee accepted the Final Report of the State Audit Institution

The Committee considered amendments to the Proposal for the Law on Protection of Persons and Property

The Committee held a consultative hearing of military and diplomatic representatives of Montenegro prior to their assuming of office

Committee held the control hearing with regard to current security situation in Montenegro, with special reference to the wounding of Ms Olivera Lakić, journalist of independent Vijesti daily

Wednesday, 23 May 2018 14:06

Završen Osmi To Be Secure (2BS) Forum

U radu skupa učestvovali predsjednik Odbora za bezbjednost i odbranu Obrad Mišo Stanišić i član Odbora prof. dr Miodrag Vuković 

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