Tuesday, 06 June 2017 18:59

Regional Annual Conference of representatives of the Security and Defence Parliamentary Committees of SEE countries begins in Sarajevo

Chairperson of the Security and Defence Committee Mr Obrad Mišo Stanišić, members Mr Luigj Lubo Shkrela, and Mr Miodrag Vuković are taking part in the conference

On day one of two-day conference, that is being held in Sarajevo, introductory speeches at the Parliamentary Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina were delivered by: RACVIAC Director Ambassador Mr Haydar Berk, Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives of the Parliamentary Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina Ms Borjana Krišto, and Austrian Ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina Mr Martin Pammer. Chairperson of the Joint Committee for Defence and Security Mr Sifet Podžić also had an introductory speech.

The topic of the first panel was “Parliamentary Oversight of the Defence and Security Sector in Southeast Europe, Good Practices” and in that regard Mr Marc Remillard, from DCAF, spoke about experiences in the South East area, while Ms Sanja Čatibović, from OSCE Mission to BA, spoke about “Participation of the Parliaments and Parliamentary Bodies in the Preparation of Annual Information on the Implementation of the Code of Conduct”.

Chairperson of the Security and Defence Committee Mr Obrad Mišo Stanišić addressed the participants during the first panel. He spoke about parliamentary oversight in Montenegro. Emphasising the importance of adopting the Law on Parliamentary Oversight of Security and Defence Sector, he pointed out that full implementation of constitutional and legal provisions is an important guarantee that the democratic control of the institutions of defence and security sector will be at a high level, and that this goal should be pursued through continuous work and continuous efforts to seek the advancement of knowledge and exchange of experience. In this regard, Stanisić emphasised that Montenegro will continue serious work as a full member of NATO alliance in the future, by implementing defence and security reforms and the achievement of democratic standards .

The panel two was titled: "The Current Security Challenges in the Region of Southeast Europe”. Minister of Internal Affairs of Montenegro Mr Mevludin Nuhodžić spoke on the current security challenges in Montenegro and Southeast Europe, while Minister of Security of Bosnia and Herzegovina Mr Dragan Mektić presented the current situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

This was followed by presentations by representatives of the committee in charge of the issues of confronting the current security challenges. On this occasion, Chairperson of the Security and Defence Committee Mr Obrad Mišo Stanišić said that the issue of security challenges in the region, including Montenegro, requires a comprehensive approach, expressing belief that with increasing threats of terrorism, regional and international cooperation is a necessary factor for success in a given field. Pursuant to the abovementioned, he emphasised that cooperation with partner services in the region and beyond is seen today as a need and obligation, and pointed out that Montenegro, as up to now, and particularly now as a full member of NATO, will be a factor of peace and stability in region. Mr Stanisić concluded that Montenegro, by its actions, can only contribute the resolution of security challenges, and not to produce them by any means.

The conference will be continued tomorrow.