Friday, 08 February 2019 11:30

Security and Defence Committee holds its 36th Meeting

With the proposer of law in attendance, the Committee considered the Proposal for the Law on Amendments to the Law on State Border Supervision, with special reference to provisions aimed at harmonisation of the border control activities with the EU acquis.

During the discussion, there was emphasis on the significance of establishing adequate standards aimed at enhancing the effectiveness of border control and they noted that the adoption of the said regulation was aimed at establishing the standards that the border control must be in compliance with at the moment of Montenegro's EU accession, as well as those standards which at a current moment may be established in line with the capabilities and needs of the border police.

During the discussion, the Committee members also referred to the conclusions adopted at their 29th meeting, when a consultative hearing was held on the topic “Border control and information sharing in the context of preventing and combating terrorism and violent extremism with special reference to the advanced passenger information system (APIS), passenger name records and collection of biometric data”, and the visit to the Border Police Sector implemented in that respect.

Based on the above, the Committee unanimously decided to propose to the Parliament to adopt the Proposal for the Law on Amendments to the Law on State Border Supervision.