Friday, 01 June 2018 15:50

Security and Defence Committee holds its 23rd meeting

Committee held the control hearing with regard to current security situation in Montenegro, with special reference to the wounding of Ms Olivera Lakić, journalist of independent Vijesti daily

Members of the Security and Defence Committee held today the control hearing of the Minister of Interior, Assistant Director of the Criminal Police Sector at the Police Administration, Director of the National Security Agency, Supreme Public Prosecutor and Chief Special Prosecutor. The Committee got informed with the details of the current security situation in Montenegro, with special attention being paid on this occasion to the actions of competent state authorities with regard to the casting light on the case of wounding Ms Olivera Lakić, journalist of independent Vijesti daily.

On the basis of the conducted debate on the case, the Committee unanimously adopted the following conclusions:

  1. The Committee strongly condemns the case of wounding Ms Olivera Lakić, the journalist of Vijesti daily, and expects the Police Administration and the Prosecution Office to conduct an effective investigation with strong and more coordinated action, to reveal perpetrators and orderers of this abominable act and bring them to justice.
  2. The Committee believes that frequent shoot-outs of criminal groups, with fatal consequences, with innocent people dying on certain occasions, cause citizens' disturbance and violate the security situation in Montenegro. This regarding, the maximum commitment and engagement of those responsible is needed to firmly address this serious and dangerous security challenge.
  3. The Committee points to the importance of full coordination and preventive action in order to forestall possible and detect unresolved serious crimes. If necessary, we will strongly support the adoption of new or amendments to existing laws, in order to strengthen the work of the security sector, and the combat of all forms of crimes to be more effective.
  4. The Committee urges the Government, to take all measures, in accordance with its constitutional powers, to strengthen the security system, personnel, technical and financial, which would provide security for all citizens in Montenegro.