Tuesday, 27 December 2016 10:56

Administrative Committee holds its Second Meeting

At today’s meeting, the Administrative Committee of the Parliament of Montenegro of the 26th Convocation has initiated the procedure for appointing nine members of the State Election Commission. With regard to that, the Committee called the parliamentary majority and opposition to submit their proposals of candidates immediately, in line with their legal obligations, and no later than Thursday, 29 December 2016 - up to the beginning of the Third Meeting of the Administrative Committee of the Parliament of Montenegro.


In addition, the Committee considered the Request for rendering a decision on exercising the right of the Secretary of the State Election Commission, No 00-63-14/16-210 of 1 December 2016. In this regard, in line with articles 34 and 35 of the Law on Public Sector Salaries, the Committee rejected the request due to its incompetence.

The Committee also considered the Request for reconsidering the decision on rejecting the request for compensation upon termination of office of former MP Mr Radovan Asanović, No 00-63-14/16-224/2 of 5 December 2016. With regard to that, the Committee confirmed first instance decision and rejected the request as unfounded. The Committee stated that it undoubtedly founded at the First Meeting of 5 December 2016, that former MP Mr Radovan Asanović did not meet the legal requirements for obtaining the required right, because he did not perform his function exclusively, but used the right to make up the difference in earnings.