Monday, 15 October 2018 17:16

Administrative Committee holds its 49th Meeting

Candidates for the SEC President not supported by the Committee members

At today’s 49th meeting, the Administrative Committee of the 26th Parliament of Montenegro, during the continuation of the procedure for the appointment of the President of the State Election Commission, did not determine the Proposal for the decision on appointing the President of the State Election Commission according to the Public Competition of 6 September 2018, as none of the applicants was supported by the required majority of votes of the present members of the Committee.

 Mr Žarko Đurišić and Mr Amer Šukurica applied at the Public Competition for appointing SEC President No 00-63-14/18-104 of 6 September 2018, so their applications were submitted to the Committee.

Before continuing with the further procedure, the Committee decided to address to the Collegium of the President of the Parliament with the request for providing, if possible, an additional interpretation of Article 30a in relation to Article 19 of the Law on Election of Councillors and MPs in the part related to duration of the office of the SEC President.

Within the item “Current issues”, the Committee learned about applications for the election of seven members of the Commission for the Evaluation and MEC of Tuzi.