Two public invitations enclosed

The Proposal for the Decision on Forming the Committee on Monitoring the Application of the Law on Election of Councillors and MPs in the part relating to the media was established

The Committee determined a Proposal for the decision on appointing one member of the State Election Commission

The Committee determined the Proposal for the decision on appointment of the president and six members of the Jury for presenting the 13th July Award

The Committee has launched the procedure for nominating candidates for two members of the Commission for Concessions of Montenegro  

The Administrative Committee drafted the Proposal for a decision on appointing the President of the State Election Commission

Administrativni odbor shodno članu 30 stav 2 Zakona o izboru odbornika i poslanika („Službeni list RCG”, br. 4/98, 5/98, 17/98, 14/00, 18/00, 9/01, 41/02, 46/02, 45/04, 48/06 i 56/06 i „Službeni list CG”, br. 46/11, 14/14, 47/14, 12/16, 60/17 i 10/18), raspisuje:

Administrativni odbor Skupštine Crne Gore,  je na danas održanoj  82. sjednici odlučio da raspiše Javni konkurs za imenovanje predsjednika Državne izborne komisije.

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