Wednesday, 17 February 2021 17:34

President of Parliament receives letter of thanks from president of European Jewish Congress

President of the Parliament of Montenegro, Mr Aleksa Bečić, received the letter of thanks from the President of the European Jewish Congress, Mr Moshe Kantor.

"Dear Mr Bečić,

On behalf of 42 national Jewish Communities affiliated to the European Jewish Congress (EJC), I would like to thank the Parliament of Montenegro and you personally for your commitment to combatting antisemitism and all kinds of extremism, promoting intercultural and interfaith dialogue, the preservation of the memory of the Holocaust and the defence of democratic institutions.

We were extremely pleased to hear about the exhibition “Shoah – How Was It Humanly Possible?” and the commemoration event that were organised by the Parliament of Montenegro together with the country’s Jewish Community on the occasion of International Holocaust Remembrance Day on 27 January 2021.

We are deeply reassured by your stance on these crucial issues, and we look forward to working together in the future towards our common goals. We are furthermore grateful that the Montenegrin Parliament so widely endorsed the EJC’s “Stop this Story!” social media campaign raising awareness against the never-ending story of antisemitism.

We are delighted to see that Jewish life in your country is thriving and that the small but vibrant Jewish community lives in safety as an integral part of Montenegrin society. As such, we are very pleased that after many years of being an observer in our organisation, the Jewish Community of Montenegro became a fully-fledged voting member of the EJC following the decision of our General Assembly on 27 October 2020.

The EJC and its affiliated communities are honoured to count the Jewish community of Montenegro officially among the European Jewish family, and we cherish our collaboration with the community’s President, Nina Ofner Bokan, and its Chief Rabbi, Moše Prelević."

On this occasion, President Bečić received the book about the Fifth World Holocaust Forum “Remembering the Holocaust, fighting antisemitism” that took place on 22-23 January 2020 in Jerusalem at the initiative of the World Holocaust Forum Foundation.

"Nearly 50 heads of state and royalty from across the world gathered in Jerusalem to reaffirm their unity against the upsurge of antisemitism globally and to honour the memory of the victims of the Holocaust. This edition gathers speeches, quotes and photographic highlights from this historic event in the capital of the State of Israel," it was stated in the letter of thanks.