Saturday, 23 January 2021 09:00

President of Parliament congratulates Journalists' Day of Montenegro

President of the Parliament of Montenegro Mr Aleksa Bečić congratulated the 23 January - Journalists' Day of Montenegro:

“On behalf of the Parliament of Montenegro and on my own behalf, I wish happy Journalists' Day of Montenegro - the 23 January, to all media workers, wishing journalism to achieve the reputation level innate to democratic and civilised countries worldwide.

Ever since the second half of the 19th century, journalism has been the inseparable part of public and education life of Montenegro, reporting on and saving for future generations the memory of all events throughout turbulent epochs of the country and its citizens.

After more than 150 years of its existence, journalism in Montenegro has been facing numerous challenges, including socio-economic, security up to the one which appeared in the technologic era - fake news.  Unfortunately, the attacks against journalist, including the striking cases against Ms Olivera Lakić and Mr Duško Jovanović, as a crime against free expression, the latter of which ended fatally, but also assaults against property of media outlets, strongly feature transition era of our time. In addition to the need to completely investigate the background of the said attacks and murder and bring to justice their perpetrators and orders, I will make the best of my endeavours, that not even a hint of such events be repeated.

As a consequence to the previously said, erosion of media freedoms has strongly affected the citizens who need objective media and verified information, while the right to faithful reporting is guaranteed.

We think that the new era should boost the efforts of the entire media community to face its challenges honourably and with dignity, fostering the cult of truth and righteousness as, not only its ultimate goal, but also as a means for achieving timely and accurately informed citizens and free society. Achieving this aim is impossible without social and economic improvement of life of all journalists, as a basic pre-condition of their work, where we would, I am positive, help them by strengthening the state institutions.

I would like to use this opportunity to encourage objective and investigative journalism, which is very important for consolidating democracy which we foster. Therefore, positive that journalist in our state will enjoy all the rights and responsibilities pertaining to them, once again I wish happy Journalists' Day of Montenegro to all media workers in Montenegro.”