Friday, 22 January 2021 14:45

Mr Bečić – Mr Osmani: Montenegro and Republic of North Macedonia sharing vision of common European future

President of the Parliament of Montenegro, Mr Aleksa Bečić, hosted today with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of North Macedonia, Mr Bujar Osmani, who has been paying an official visit to Podgorica.

By confirming the excellent interstate relations, President Bečić pointed out that Montenegro and North Macedonia have shared a common past, but also an identical vision of the future in terms of Euro-Atlanticism and the achievement of European values. Bearing in mind the closeness of two countries, as well as the fact that strengthening regional cooperation has been one of the key foreign policy priorities of Montenegro, the President of the Parliament expressed strong support for the European aspiration of North Macedonia, ready and open to help achieve objectives of the European agenda.

President Bečić assessed that our diaspora in North Macedonia, as well as the Macedonian diaspora in Montenegro, represented an important link between the two friendly countries.

On this occasion, Macedonian Foreign Minister Mr Osmani, thanked Montenegro for its support for North Macedonia's membership to NATO, adding that being part of the North Atlantic Alliance contributed to political and economic predictability, as well as greater stability and security of our region. Referring to the European perspective of North Macedonia, Mr Osmani shared positive expectations regarding the start of negotiations with the European Union.

The interlocutors exchanged views on ways of efficient economic cooperation, with the need to improve traffic connections between the two countries, being on the same terms that there existed numerous untapped potentials in the field of economy. "The time has come for new generations to establish a policy of cooperation, tolerance and mutual assistance, and for successful regional cooperation to contribute to the free flow of goods, people and capital," President Bečić concluded.

Taking into account the existing excellent parliamentary relations, President Bečić and Minister Osmani discussed the mechanisms of cooperation between the two parliaments and the importance that parliamentary diplomacy attached to overall bilateral relations.

The meeting was attended by the Ambassador of Montenegro to North Macedonia, H.E. Ms Marija Petrović and the Ambassador of North Macedonia to Montenegro, H.E. Mr Mihajlo Trpkoski.