Tuesday, 12 January 2021 10:29

President Bečić holds meetings with representatives of three religious communities in Bar

President of the Parliament of Montenegro Mr Aleksa Bečić yesterday visited Bar municipality and on that occasion met representatives of three religious communities.

In separate meetings, the President of the Parliament spoke with archpriest-stavrophore Mr Slobodan Zeković and clergy, Mons. Rrok Gjonlleshaj, Archbishop of Bar, as well as with chief imam of Selimiye Mosque Mr Mujdin effendi Milaimi and Mr Nedžib Ibrišimović, President of the Islamic Community Board in Bar.

During the visit, President Bečić assessed that Bar has always been recognised as an environment that best witnessed the sustainability and necessity of multi-confessional and multi-ethnic harmony and coexistence, as the strongest foundations of civil Montenegro.

He emphasised that our joint obligation was to build bridges of cooperation because only a civil Montenegro could be a strong Montenegro. Representatives of all three religious communities were united in the assessment that their mutual cooperation and respect was the best example of multi-confessional harmony of Montenegrin society.

During the meeting with mons. Gjonlleshaj, President Bečić visited the Lady-chapel and numerous hallows. In addition, his visit to the Islamic Cultural Centre included the tour of the library, kindergarten and congress hall.

President Bečić concluded that his visit to Bar carried messages of peace, love, religious and national harmony and coexistence, which represented the strongest pillar of Montenegrin society on which its future must rest.