Saturday, 21 November 2020 09:40

Mr Bečić: The Parliament will continue devoting attention to children's rights

On the occasion of International Children's Day - 20 November, President of the Parliament of Montenegro Mr Aleksa Bečić met with the representatives of the children's delegation and the Center for Children’s Rights Ms Jelena Gluščević and Mr Bojan Popović.      

Reminding of the obligations that the entire society has towards the youngest population, President Bečić emphasised that the Parliament of Montenegro would continue to devote continuous attention to the position of children and their rights.

Acknowledging successful ten-year cooperation of the  Center for Children’s Rights and the Parliament of Montenegro, implemented through the Children Parliament project, President Bečić expressed readiness of the new parliamentary term to give contribution to the improvement of children's rights. On this occasion, he also referred to the eight-year parliamentary programme Democracy Workshops and concluded that the said projects, by its importance and values, contributed to the affirmation of the principle of openness of the work of the Parliament of Montenegro.

Representatives of the Center and children's delegation informed the President about the on-going projects, as well as about the state of children’s rights in Montenegro, voicing expectation that good cooperation with the Parliament of Montenegro would be continued in the period to come. The interlocutors agreed that the children’s rights issue should be a work priority for all responsible institutions.

The children’s delegation was represented by: Ms Valentina Pavićević, Mr Lazar Vlahović, Ms Ajša Krasnići and Ms Jovana Repić.