Friday, 20 November 2020 10:28

Parliament within the campaign: "How to reduce child poverty in Montenegro"

The Parliament of Montenegro participates in the campaign How to reduce child poverty in Montenegro, implemented by the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) on the occasion of the World Children's Day – 20 November.

The campaign was launched today with the participation of the President of the Parliament of Montenegro, Mr Aleksa Bečić, answering young reporters' question: "How to reduce child poverty in Montenegro".

"Young people share the fate of all citizens of Montenegro. If the state and its economy is underdeveloped, if the living conditions are poor, there is no logic that the youth will be any better. If the parents of our youngest fellow citizens are not employed, we cannot expect that children from such families can be financially provided for. Unfortunately, there are many poor children in our country, and every poor child in the most beautiful country in the world, with such resources and potentials, is a kind of alarm for the whole society.

A more certain future for young people, new jobs, higher salaries, pensions, social benefits – remain our goal. We should think about reintroducing the Child Benefit. In the coming years, I expect free school textbooks to be provided for all elementary school children. There are also student awards and scholarships.

It is not easy to provide all of the above in times of crisis, but we have to, and we will, for the sake of the children of Montenegro and those who are yet to be born," the President of the Parliament said.

UNICEF’s young reporters will continue the campaign by asking the representatives of all the MP groups to respond to the same question – How do we reduce child poverty in Montenegro? – in one minute. The campaign will also include representatives of the Government, academia, international community, the civil sector, the relevant institutions and young people.

Video response of the President of the Parliament of Montenegro, Mr Aleksa Bečić