Tuesday, 15 September 2020 13:32

President of Parliament, Mr Brajović, talks with Ambassador of the Czech Republic, Mr Urban

President of the Parliament of Montenegro, Mr Ivan Brajović, hosted today the Ambassador of the Czech Republic to Montenegro, Mr Karel Urban.

It was jointly stated at the meeting that the elections were fair and transparent, in accordance with legal and democratic principles and norms, with improved election legislation, and high turnout was an indicator of citizens' responsibility towards the state.

President Brajović said that, in view of making an agreement on the organisation of the First Sitting of the 27th Parliament of Montenegro, he had invited leaders of candidate lists to a meeting, which had secured parliamentary status. In this regard, he expressed the expectation that the date of the Constituent Sitting of the Parliament would be determined during the mentioned meeting and explained the constitutional procedure for the formation of the new Government.

- Montenegro has achieved significant results both domestically and internationally, and for that reason it has been recognised as a leader of the European process in the region. Therefore, it has even been greater obligation to maintain the European course and continue with the initiated reforms, and for the political differences to be demonstrated through the dialogue in the Parliament - President Brajović pointed out.

Ambassador Urban stressed that the Czech Republic would always be an advocate of an independent, civil, multi-ethnic Montenegro that would go forward with its European path, as a member of the North Atlantic Alliance, emphasising that Montenegro had shown institutional strength and democracy during the elections.

President of Parliament hosted Ambassador of the Czech Republic to Montenegro