Thursday, 30 July 2020 22:05

Farewell address by the President of the Parliament to MPs at the end of the last session of the 26th Convocation

The President of the Parliament, Mr Ivan Brajović, addressed MPs at the end of the Eighth Sitting of the First Ordinary Spring Session, with which the 26th Convocation of the Parliament of Montenegro actually ended.

He expressed his belief that MPs can be satisfied with what has been achieved.

- The figures do not always indicate everything, but I believe that 85 of sittings held, almost 700 of adopted acts, of which close to 400 laws with more than 1,000 meetings of working bodies, speak of our efforts to justify the confidence of citizens. I hope that, first of all, we have contributed to making their work and life easier and better with improved legislation. We posed more than 1,000 parliamentary questions to the representatives of the executive power and thus demanded answers on behalf of our citizens.

Mr Brajović added that regardless of political differences, the 26th Convocation will in the history of Montenegrin parliamentarism occupy a significant place due to several important laws and acts:

- With the Law on Ratification of the North-Atlantic Treaty of 28 April 2017, we provided the conditions for Montenegro's accession to NATO; with the Resolution on the 100th anniversary of the "Podgorica Assembly", we have clearly taken a position, after so long, with regard to the historical injustice and its consequences; with the Law on freedom of religion we have legally regulated the area to which the obsolete regulation from 1977 applied until the adoption thereof; we have improved numerous laws and aligned them with real life and our European path, the application of which will only show their true value.

The President of the Parliament stressed he believed that each of the MPs had given their maximum for the interest of those which elected them.

- Some of us achieved that sitting in the parliament benches this whole time, in dedicated and responsible manner. Some returned to the parliamentary benches after a period of time following the boycott, and some decided not to sit in those benches in the least. Everything we did will be evaluated by the citizens of Montenegro in exactly one-month time.

He pointed out that the we approach elections with improved legislation, which was also a contribution of this convocation to further democratisation of society, and called upon all participants in political life to take into account their own and the reputation of the Parliament of Montenegro during the election campaign.

President Brajović concluded his farewell address expressing gratitude to the parliamentary service, which, as he said, had been dedicated and most often the invisible support during the previous four years.

Mr Ivan Brajović – End of the Spring Session, 30 July 2020