Monday, 20 July 2020 11:27

President of the Parliament congratulates Municipality Day of Berane

President of the Parliament of Montenegro Mr Ivan Brajović wished a happy Municipality Day of Berane, marked on 21 July, to the local leadership and all the citizens of Berane:

“21 July - Municipality Day of Berane is a holiday marking the First Meeting of the Committee of the People’s Liberation for the Canton of Berane  in 1941. The antifascist Montenegro remembers and increasingly appreciates heroism and sacrifices for the liberation of Berane, former Ivangrad, thus starting the accelerated modernisation of the town, while its people received equal opportunities for personal development and the increase of standards.

I am convinced that in the upcoming period Berane will keep its antifascist tradition and achievements of its community, and ensure a modern environment with the European perspective for its descendants. I expect Berane, with its tradition of education and enlightenment and numerous respectable citizens, to be a part of the comprehensive progress of the European-oriented Montenegro with values of developed democratic societies.

The state and its institutions will continue to primarily protect the health of the townspeople of Berane in the joint combat against COVID-19.  They will continue to invest even more intensively in further development of local community and to support projects for an even better life of the townspeople of Berane.

I congratulate you on Municipality Day and send you my best wishes!”