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Friday, 26 June 2020 12:50

Meeting with Democracy Workshops educators

On the occasion of the successful completion of the new cycle of educational programme Barbara Prammer Democracy Workshops which started in September 2019 and ended in March 2020, President of the Parliament of Montenegro Mr Ivan Brajović today has talked with a team of educators implementing the Workshops about the previous results and plans for the upcoming period.

Barbara Prammer Democracy Workshops is an educational programme of the Parliament of Montenegro, aimed at stimulating young people’s interest in politics and democratic processes and enabling them to learn about how laws are adopted, as well as about the work of MPs and the parliament as an institution. Students from the entire Montenegro are learning the basics of such topics as democracy and parliament, human rights, the European Union.

- These are precisely the topics that concern modern Montenegro and its future, and primarily the future of youth in the European Montenegro. Therefore we are promoting a modern and committed, civic Montenegro, its institutions in the EU and respect for human rights. This means we are promoting tolerance, respect for every human, his needs and promotion of best potential. When speaking about the topic “Democracy and Parliament”, we know that it is best to learn through one’s own example. The Parliament of Montenegro shows this by reaffirming the title of the most transparent parliament in the region, for the past several years, giving recognition to the educators for their dedication to working with attendees of the Workshops and contribution to the popularity of this programme with Montenegrin schools.

More than 31 thousands of attendees from 125 Montenegrin primary schools as well as from certain secondary schools from all municipalities of our country have so far obtained knowledge within Democracy Workshops of the Montenegrin Parliament.

In order to protect public health, this year there was no ceremonious awarding of certificates to attendees of Democracy Workshops, and there was consideration of adjusting the programme in accordance with newly developed circumstances.




Video on Democracy Workshops:

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