Wednesday, 20 May 2020 16:17

Congratulatory message by the President of the Parliament, Ivan Brajović, on Independence Day of Montenegro – 21 May

"The history of Montenegro is a collection of testimonies about preserving the awareness of one's own identity and the right to independence. With the decision made on the referendum in 2006, the citizens of Montenegro cleared their debt to their ancestors, expressed the will of the majority of modern Montenegro and paved the way for their descendants.

That is why 21 May is the most important date for Montenegro in recent history. This act of freedom confirmed the desire and will of the people for an independent and democratic Montenegro, full-fledged member of the international community.

By celebrating the 14th anniversary of the renewed state independence, we owe gratitude to all those who provided helped during that historic process, in building and strengthening institutions, as well as on the country's path towards NATO membership and future in the European Union. Let the 21st of May be a day of remembrance for all fighters for the independence of Montenegro, a source of pride for their families and all of us.

We will continue to build a state of established institutions, democracy, solidarity and social responsibility. We have preserved public health in an impressive way, we will preserve the economy with the development of the economic potentials of our country. We will preserve the secular and civic character of Montenegro, as its special value.

To all citizens of our country, with the desire for all of us to proudly and joyfully celebrate the national holiday, I extend congratulations on the Independence Day of Montenegro – 21 May."