Monday, 12 August 2019 08:20

Congratulatory message on the Municipality Day of Mojkovac

President of the Parliament of Montenegro, Mr Ivan Brajović, extended a congratulatory message on the occasion of 13 August, Municipality Day of Mojkovac, to its citizens and local government:

"With its patriotic glory, Mojkovac occupies an important place in the history of Montenegro, which is an additional obligation to the joint efforts of the state and local communities to make even more efforts in the years that follow in order to speak about Mojkovac as a town with a certain perspective.

By further implementing the strategy of balanced regional development and supporting the recognition of economic potentials on the European path of Montenegro, I am convinced that the citizens of Mojkovac have been given the opportunity to plan for a long-term safe existence in their home town.

On behalf of the Parliament of Montenegro and my own, I congratulate to you the Municipality Day, 13 August".