Tuesday, 11 June 2019 13:12

President of the Parliament of Montenegro receives Dutch Ambassador in a farewell visit

President of the Parliament of Montenegro Mr Ivan Brajović hosted Dutch Ambassador Mr Henk van den Dool, who is ending his diplomatic mission in Montenegro.

Emphasising the contribution of Ambassador Van den Dool to the strengthening of bilateral relations, President Brajović stressed that planned opening of the Embassy of Montenegro in the Netherlands would additionally strengthen the political, economic and cultural cooperation of the two countries.

President Brajović thanked for the continuous support of the Netherlands, which has always been based on a consistent policy of valuing individual merits in achieving our strategic foreign policy goals. In order to be better informed about the results achieved in the areas crucial for further progress on the European path, President Brajović stressed the importance of intensifying cooperation with the Dutch Parliament, bearing in mind its strong political influence on the foreign policy of that country.

Ambassador Van den Dool stressed that after years of service in the region, he could testify the tremendous progress achieved by Montenegro, adding that the accession process was expected to become more and more demanding as the country was getting closer to membership in the European Union. He concluded that as a NATO member, reliable ally and a front-runner in the European integration process, Montenegro played a very constructive role in the region, exemplified by its principled and responsible policy regarding the demarcation of Montenegro and Kosovo.