Thursday, 07 February 2019 16:57

Congratulatory message on the occasion of the Day of City Municipality of Golubovci

On the occasion of 8 February – Day of City Municipality of Golubovci, President of the Parliament of Montenegro, Mr Ivan Brajović, extended the following congratulatory message to the citizens and the local authorities:

- If over time, the rich Zeta Plain had been a better place to live in than baren Montenegrin rocks, that advantage brought more enemies, so its people were always exposed to the temptations throughout history, with great victims as a result.

Today, Zeta and Golubovci, far from war and starvation, establish economic and agricultural infrastructure with the visions of their inhabitants, together with the Capital City and state administration, creating conditions for the cultivation and improvement of agricultural crops and processing, as well as the development of other economic branches, in order for Zeta, with its natural potentials, to use advantages of its own possibilities and of modern time, and become a comfortable and peaceful place for the life of its citizens – reads, among other things, the congratulatory message of the President of the Parliament of Montenegro.