Sunday, 30 December 2018 11:00

New Year's congratulatory message by President of the Parliament of Montenegro Mr Ivan Brajović

Esteemed citizens of Montenegro,

For the Parliament of Montenegro, the outgoing 2018 was challenging, intensive and with good results achieved. It was a year in which a lot of work was done, and some activities started, to be continued.

The duty of MPs is to work for the benefit of all citizens, progress and the future of the state. So in 2018, having successfully completed election cycles, we intensified the political dialogue, being tested on a daily basis.

We have improved numerous legal solutions in areas of interest to the entire society. We gained even stronger support for our work from international institutions.

With intensive and comprehensive activities, coming to grips with challenging topics and events, the basis for an increasingly important role of the Parliament was created.

Dear citizens,

We have a year ahead of us in which we are to continue with the work for the benefit of our entire society. Montenegro experiences values of civil society and a free state. For that reason, citizens must be confident of the Constitution and laws, their complete and non-selective application. By working on electoral and other legislation, as well as using other mechanisms at MPs' disposal, we will contribute to the creation of a more favourable economic and social environment.

We will strengthen cooperation with all state institutions, we will carefully monitor their work within our purview and be a responsible corrective. We will strive to improve much of the good that has been achieved and that is a characteristic feature of Montenegro.

We will insist on the further openness of the Parliament towards you – the citizens of our country.

On behalf of the Parliament of Montenegro I wish you a happy and successful New Year 2019.

VIDEO: New Year's congratulatory message by President of the Parliament Mr Ivan Brajović