Monday, 26 December 2016 17:51

Commitment to strengthening relations appropriate to neighbouring countries

President of the Parliament Mr Ivan Brajović received the Ambassador of Kosovo to Montenegro Mr Skender Durmishi


The significance of improvement of trust and mutual commitment to strengthening relations appropriate to neighbouring countries was emphasised at the meeting.

It was pointed out that European and Euro-Atlantic integrations represented a common goal, while sharing of knowledge and experiences of Montenegro would be precious for the neighbouring Kosovo. Ambassador Durmishi cited Montenegro as an example of the country with a clear orientation for democracy, stability, and regional cooperation.

- Kosovo is pleased with your successes and welcomes any progress of Montenegro, because that is in the interest of the region, said Ambassador Durmishi.

President Brajović pointed out the significance of constitutional recognition of Montenegrin national minority in Kosovo.

The Ambassador voiced his firm belief that there were no political obstacles, and that after the necessary procedure there would be constitutional recognition of Montenegrin minority in the Parliament of Kosovo.

- We have agreed that, at the parliamentary level, there is a lot of room for improvement of cooperation, such as at the committee level, parliamentary friendship groups, exchange of opinions within international conferences. The parliaments may do a lot for additional strengthening of good neighbourly relations, emphasised Mr Brajović. 


Meeting Mr Brajović - Mr Durmishi 



Meeting Mr Brajović - Mr Durmishi