Friday, 29 September 2017 16:56

Congratulatory message on the occasion of Municipality Day of Rožaje

President of the Parliament of Montenegro, Mr Ivan Brajović, congratulated the citizens of Rožaje and its leadership, Municipality Day of Rožaje, which is celebrated on 30 September

Text of the congratulatory message:

"Extraordinary natural and tourist resources, high-quality ideas and visions that citizens of Rožaje were never in need of, as well as cooperation between state and local government, are the guarantee of a more dynamic development of Rožaje in the future. Along with the multi-ethnic and multi-religious harmony, according to which Rožaje region is being recognised, by creating the conditions and the environment for valorisation of economic potentials that this region has in abundance, the conditions for the stay and return of the citizens of Rožaje to their hometown are created. With high quality support to domestic and foreign investors, with planned and sustainable development and investment into infrastructure, while preserving intact mountain beauties, I believe that in the near future Rožaje can be one of the most desirable towns in the north of Montenegro for the realisation of existence and a pleasant life.

On that behalf, I congratulate to you the Municipality Day of Rožaje – 30 September."