Friday, 17 March 2017 12:25

Meeting Mr Nimanbegu – Mr Hoti

Vice-President of the Parliament of Montenegro, Mr Genci Nimanbegu, met today with the Minister of Finance of the Republic of Kosovo, Mr Avdullah Hoti.

They both expressed satisfaction with the development of relations between the two countries, governments and parliaments, that have been very good, and discussed the possibilities of further improvements.

Vice-President Nimanbegu informed the Minister Hoti with the state of play in the Montenegrin political scene, progress in the EU accession process, especially regarding the accession to NATO. The interlocutors concluded that the commitment to the rule of law and willingness to take responsibility of the access to these integrations for the benefit of all citizens, was the goal of every responsible policy.

In addition, the Minister Hoti got informed with long-term requirements of Albanians in Montenegro over the final definition of the status of the Municipality of Tuzi, property restitution to its owners (Valdanos) and the state of the Ulcinj Salina, the uniform representation of Albanians in the institutions of the system, as well as steps for achieving this goal.

In particular, they highlighted the importance of the new road Podgorica - Plav - Gusinje - Dečan.

The Minister Hoti informed the Vice-President with the development of the situation regarding the demarcation between Kosovo and Montenegro, as well as with the current situation in the country.