Nedžad Drešević

Nedžad Drešević

Place and date of birth: Tuzi, 29 September 1959

Marital status: Married

Nationality: Bosniak

Education: Doctor of Dental Medicine

Adress: Tuzi b.b.

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Faculty of Dental Medicine in Sarajevo

Work experience:

1990 - 1992 – Faculty of Dental Medicine, Sarajevo

1995 - 1997 – Dental polyclinic, Podgorica

1997 - 2009 – Primary Health Care Centre, Podgorica

2009 – Private dental clinic, Podgorica


- Vice President of the Bosniak Council of the first convocation;

- Founder of the NGO "Šeher";

- Member of the Management Board of the Centre for Preservation of Culture of Minorities of Montenegro;

- Management Board of the Cultural Center of Bosniaks of Montenegro;

- Member of the Bosniak Forum of Montenegro;

- Councillor of the Urban Municipality Assembly of Tuzi, and a councilor of the Capital City of Podgorica Municipal Assembly;

- President of the Board of the Bosniak Party in Podgorica;

- Vice President of the Bosniak Party, member of the Presidency and the Main Board;

- President of Humanitarian Association "Merhamet"

Computer skills: Word, Excel, PowerPoint

Knowledge of foreign languages: Bosnian, Albanian and Russian language