Danilo Šaranović

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Danilo Šaranović, graduated economist

He was born in Podgorica, where he graduated from primary and secondary school of economics.  He obtained high education at the Faculty of Economists, University of Montenegro - study program accounting and auditing. He completed his internship in the "Spin" ltd accounting agency.  He attended numerous seminars and education workshops, both in the country and abroad.

During his university studies he was engaged in various jobs from his field of expertise, informatics, research, data procession and analysis of public opinion, and goods and services market.

He has been involved in social and political activities since his adulthood, particularly during one of the most demanding campaigns “Mladost.  Mudrost. Hrabrost. Mr Aleksa Bečić” (“Youth. Wisdom. Courage. - Aleksa Bečić”) at local elections of 25 May 2014 in Podgorica.

At the first youth congress of 17 November 2015 he was elected President of the Young Democrats. At the parliamentary elections of 16 October 2016, he was elected Member of the Parliament of Montenegro.