Boris Bogdanović

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Secretary General of Democratic Montenegro

Bachelor of Law

He was born in Podgorica. He holds a bachelor's degree in law. He graduated from the School of Democratic Leadership. He has participated in numerous seminars and educational workshops both in the country and abroad.

He worked as the Head of IT Center. He has taken on responsible and demanding tasks in the field of political marketing for many years – conception, organisation and conducting election campaigns at the local and state level.

He is the author of:

– the campaign and the slogan "Youth.Wisdom.Courage" in the local elections in Podgorica, held on 25 May 2014, when Aleksa Bečić achieved an impressive election result;

– the campaign, visual identity, party name, and the slogan of Democratic Montenegro "Victories, not divisions";

– the campaign and the slogan "Either people or criminals" in the local elections in Herceg Novi, held on 7 May 2017, when the Democrats get 24.6% of support;

– election and communication strategy for local elections in Mojkovac, Petnjica, Tuzi and Cetinje;

– the campaign and the slogan "Come home, because we have a plan" in local elections in Pljevlja, Žabljak, Plav, Rožaje, Plužine, Šavnik and Kolašin;

– the slogan and electoral strategy "To work. To build. To live" in the local elections in Berane;

– the slogan and the electoral strategy "Podgorica, Bar, Danilovgrad, Zeta, Bijelo Polje for the 21st Century" in the local elections in Podgorica, Bar, Danilovgrad, Zeta and Bijelo Polje, with the Democrats and Citizens' Movement URA on the joint electoral list.

He was the head of the Creative Team at the Election Center "Youth.Wisdom.Courage." – Aleksa Bečić.

He has been the Secretary General of the Democrats since 14 June 2015 and is the Head of the MP Group.

At the parliamentary elections held of 16 October 2016, he was elected Member of the Parliament of Montenegro.