Suad Numanović

Place and date: of birth Bijelo Polje, 1960

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- He graduated from primary school and grammar school in Bijelo Polje. Following his graduation from the Medical Faculty, he completed specialisation from Internal Medicine in Belgrade.

Work experience:

- He worked as a specialist intern in the General Hospital in Bijelo Polje; 

- He held the office of Director of the Primary Health Care Centre in Bijelo Polje in the period 2000-2003;

- He was the President of the Municipal Board of DPS Bijelo Polje in the period 1997-2007;

- He was elected a Minister in the Government of Montenegro in 2003;

- From 2003 to 2016 he held the office of Minister without Portfolio, Minister of Labour and Social Welfare, Minister of Human and Minority Rights, and during 2015 he also worked as a manager of the Ministry of Health;

- He chaired the Commission on Personnel Affairs of the Government of Montenegro, Commission on Housing Affairs of the Government of Montenegro, and Commission on Natural Disasters of the Government of Montenegro.

He is married, with four children.