Jovanka Laličić

Place and Date of Birth: Kotor, 17 January 1957

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- Graduated from the Faculty of Law in Podgorica, in 1979;

- Her first job after the graduation from the faculty was - journalist in Radio “Tivat”;

- In the period 15 August 1979 to 20 July 1986, she worked as a legal officer, and in the last three years as a director of “Obnova”;

- From 21 July 1986, she worked in the Local Assembly as an advisor for property-legal issues, then as a labour inspector, and after that as a real estate agent in the municipal Revenue Agency;

- In the period 1 June 1992 - 31 December 1996, she worked as a director of branch office of the Revenue Agency - a republic body;

- In the period 31 December 1996 until 2004 (during two terms), she worked as Secretary of the Local Assembly;

- From 2004, she worked as an advisor to the President of the Municipality. She was appointed to this position by the Decision of the President of the Municipality, No 0101-299 of 26 April 2004;

- She was appointed Chief Administrator of the Municipality of Tivat by the President of the Municipality of Tivat, in 2011. She covered the position of Chief Administrator of the Municipality of Tivat until 2016, when she became Member of the Parliament of Montenegro.