Thursday, 27 September 2018 12:30

A group of youth workers from the Western Balkans and Turkey visits the Parliament of Montenegro

A group of youth workers from the Western Balkans and Turkey has visited the Parliament of Montenegro today. The visit is a part of the training programme of the Agency for Local Democracy from Nikšić, organised within Open Parliament project, which is being implemented by the Parliament of Montenegro, in order to provide an insight to interested citizens into the manner of functioning and operating of the Montenegrin Parliament, with a special focus on contributing to education youth.

After visiting the building and touring a part of the spatial capacities, the visitors also learned about the history and way of functioning of the Parliament of Montenegro. They were informed about the manner in which a proposal for the law becomes a part of the plenary agenda, also the system for monitoring parliamentary sessions (via AV signal), online streaming or presence of accredited media outlets and citizens.

A group of youth from the Western Balkans and Turkey today has met MPs Ms Marta Šćepanović, Mr Miloš Nikolić and Mr Ervin Ibrahimović, when they learned about the work of working bodies and parliamentary sessions.

A joint conclusion, after the meeting, is that this project, started in 2015 in the Parliament of Montenegro has logically ended in the same place. The participants expressed satisfaction with the reception and information they received from the MPs and emphasised that they would use this experience in their further engagement in their home communities and countries.