Vienna, 21-23 February

MP Group of the Democratic Party of Socialists will hold a press conference on Thursday, 16 February 2017, starting at 15:00h, on the press position in the hall of the Montenegrin Parliament.

Article 13 of the Constitution of Montenegro, among other things, states that the Montenegrin language is the official language in Montenegro, and the Spelling Rulebook of the Montenegrin language and the Dictionary of the Montenegrin language state that the phonemes ś and sj are equal, which implies the right of individuals to free choice in using them. The Parliament of Montenegro also uses these rules when informing the public on the most significant parliamentary events.

Day two - the final day of the Interparliamentary Conference was opened by Ms Iskra Mihaylova, Chairperson of the Committee for Regional Development, who informed the attendees on the topics for discussion.

Two-day conference organised by the European Parliament was opened by Mr Alojz Peterle, Chairperson of the EU-former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia Joint Parliamentary Committee and member of the Committee on Foreign Affairs, who informed the parliamentarians about the topics to be discussed in the following days.

MPs Mr Miloš Nikolić, member of the Committee on Political System, Judiciary and Administration, and Mr Adrijan Vuksanović, Chairperson of the Committee on European Integration, will participate in the Interparliamentary Conference titled: “Local and regional authorities in the EU enlargement region and the EU regional policy”, which is being held from 30 to 31 January 2017 in Brussels. 

Commemorative Sitting on the death of Secretary General of the Parliament of Montenegro Mr Siniša Stanković was held in the Parliament of Montenegro today. Addressing the present, President of the Parliament of Montenegro Mr Ivan Brajović said, inter alia, that Mr Stanković was exceptionally humane, building his authority solely on his deeds.

Commemorative Sitting will be held tomorrow, 10 January 2017, in the Great Hall of the Parliament of Montenegro



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