Wednesday, 20 January 2021 15:23

Openness of parliament a precondition for strengthening cooperation with civil society

Opinion form published

An Opinion Form of CSOs to submit to parliamentary working bodies is available on the website of the Parliament of Montenegro, in the section Citizens, which seeks to further strengthen the openness and publicity of the Parliament, but also to encourage citizens' interest in its work.

Transparency and openness of the legislature are important preconditions for greater citizen participation in the decision-making process and monitoring of political and social processes. The positive effects of civil society involvement, on the other hand, are reflected in providing feedback on the results of implementation of policy and reforms, public oversight of Parliament’s work and providing civil society insights on monitoring sectoral policies, especially within the EU integration process.

We call to mind that in accordance with the Rules of Procedure, representatives of the interested public can participate in meetings of working bodies, upon invitation, or at their request, with the consent of the chairperson of the Committee. Furthermore, they were given the opportunity to submit an opinion to the working body regarding certain issues that are the subject of consideration by the working body. The aforementioned opinion form of civil society organisations can provide for easy communication between civil society organisations and the working body.

This is one more in a range of activities aimed at contributing to the further improvement and strengthening of cooperation between the Parliament of Montenegro and the civil sector.