Wednesday, 28 October 2020 14:00

MP Mr Dragan Krapović takes part in 7th Danube Parliamentary Conference

Mr Krapović pointed out that the Parliament of Montenegro would be committed to interparliamentary cooperation in order to meet common development goals

The 7th Danube Parliamentary Conference, organised by the Croatian Parliament within the Croatian Presidency of the European Union, in the format of a video conference, was held today.

The conference addressed the following topic:  “Smart solutions for sustainable development”, focusing on stimulating innovative technologies to improve sustainable development. The conference was aimed at discussing the possibilities of increasing the number of high-tech companies and the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises in the sub-Danube region.

The participants in the conference were parliamentarians from the countries of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region (EUSDR).

The conference was opened by the Chairperson of the Committee on Regional Development and EU Funds Mr Marko Pavić, and in the introductory part the parliamentarians were addressed by: Minister of Foreign and European Affairs Mr Gordan Grlić Radman, Minister of Regional Development and EU Funds Ms Nataša Tramišak and Chairperson of the parliamentary Committee on European Affairs Domagoj Hajduković.

In his address, MP Dragan Krapović, among other things, pointed out that the Parliament of Montenegro would be fully committed to inter-parliamentary cooperation in order to meet common development goals, especially bearing in mind the new challenges we were all facing. He also stated that the so-called “Smart solutions” for sustainable development would be significantly supported, inter alia, through the EU’s Economic and Investment Plan, which aims to accelerate the green and digital transition and encourage regional cooperation and convergence with the EU. In that context, MP Mr Krapović emphasised the significance of the European Green Deal, as well as the importance of implementing Montenegro’s National Strategy of Sustainable Development until 2030 and SDGs, the Paris Climate Agreement and internationally agreed biodiversity goals. Also, MP Mr Krapović informed the participants of the conference that the implementation of the said strategy implied continuous updating, in a manner that would take into account new European plans and practices, as well as new circumstances. He also drew attention to the need to implement the solutions envisaged by the EU's digital strategy.

Furthermore, on this occasion he assessed that, in order to meet SDGs, economic and social transformation and combat new challenges we were facing, it was necessary to pay special attention to the strengthening of the knowledge-based economy and to support initiatives that encourage the transfer of knowledge, foster research and innovation systems, and bring together academic and economic communities.

Bearing this in mind, MP Mr Krapović concluded that the basis for economic and social transformation was the rule of law, and that special attention would be paid to this area in the upcoming period, but also that, in these challenging times, it was necessary to have cooperation of all stakeholders and solidarity among countries. He also highlighted the importance of this conference, as well as the communication between parliaments.

At the end of the conference, it was agreed that the participants would sign a joint statement calling, among other things, for the improvement of inter-parliamentary cooperation and the exchange of experiences and good practices.