The 2016 Performance Report of the Committee was adopted

Blue Room of the Parliament of Montenegro, 7 February, at 12:30h

Article 13 of the Constitution of Montenegro, among other things, states that the Montenegrin language is the official language in Montenegro, and the Spelling Rulebook of the Montenegrin language and the Dictionary of the Montenegrin language state that the phonemes ś and sj are equal, which implies the right of individuals to free choice in using them. The Parliament of Montenegro also uses these rules when informing the public on the most significant parliamentary events.

Readiness for continuing the successful cooperation expressed during the discussion 

Good cooperation between the EU Delegation and the Committee on European Integration pointed out and a brief reference of key challenges given

The meeting will be held in the Blue Room, starting at 12:00h

The meeting will be held in the Blue Room, starting at 12:00h

National Coordinator for NATO Mr Dragan Pejanović has met today the representatives of the MP Group of minority parties, namely the Bosniak Party, coalition “Albanians resolutely” and Croatian Civic Initiative. The Club and the parties individually expressed their unequivocal support to Montenegro’s membership of NATO.


At today’s meeting, the Collegium of the President of the Parliament of Montenegro has considered numerous issues related to the work and efficient functioning of the Parliament