Wednesday, 15 April 2020 17:03

Collegium of the President of the Parliament and representatives of the Government held

At today’s meeting of the Collegium of the President of the Parliament of Montenegro, chaired by Mr Ivan Brajović, representatives of the Government have presented a package of socio-economic sustainability measures under the conditions of health crisis caused by coronavirus outbreak.

Deputy PM Mr Milutin Simović, Minister of Finance Mr Darko Radunović and Minister of Economy Ms Dragica Sekulić discussed with representatives of MP groups the upcoming activities on remediating the consequences of economic vulnerability of economic entities and vulnerable population groups.

Bearing in mind that the prescribed measures of the responsible health institutions are imperative, they emphasised the importance of timely and harmonised specific measures in the areas of social support, as well as with regard to the protection of the achieved level of employment and planned economic activities.

Members of the Collegium of the President have noted that in the time of reduced economic activity and uncertainty, the package of measures to assist the economy, employees and socially disadvantaged population is a solid framework prepared according to objective possibilities, and that its transparent implementation is needed, whereby the Parliament will be timely informed thereof.

Also, members of the Collegium have given numerous suggestions on improving the proposed measures. In this regard, they proposed to the Government representatives that there is the need for further specification, elaboration and refinement of short-term and long-term measures, setting the deadlines and beneficiaries of support, categorising the level of state aid, as well as planning the changes to the current legal solutions. The importance of the need for careful monitoring of developments in local governments and the need for more active contributions from commercial banks were also discussed.

Plenary sitting will be held on Wednesday, 22 April, while the Prime Minister’s Hour, scheduled for 29 April, will discuss the application of the planned measures as well as other socio-economic activities related primarily to the outbreak situation.

To remind, since the beginning of the epidemic, the Collegium of the President of the Parliament have met with Government representatives on multiple occasions, while regular communication have been also conducted with other responsible institutions and social groups.

Collegium of the President