Tuesday, 23 July 2019 16:44

COSAC meeting held

A more competitive and stable Europe and the promotion of common values and the rule of law at the Union level are the primary tasks of the presidency in the next six months

The Conference of Parliamentary Committees for Union Affairs of Parliaments of the European Union (COSAC) was marked by the debate on two topics: the priorities of the Finish presidency in the next six months and the EU budget.

The meeting in Helsinki was opened by Ms Tuula Haatainen, Deputy Speaker of the Finish Parliament (Eduskunta), pointing out that one of the slogans of the Finish presidency was “Through discussion to solution” and in that sense she voiced her hope that the period until the mandate of the new Commission is verified would be used for finding solutions to contested issues at the Union level.

Within the first session dedicated to the priorities of the presidency Ms Tytti Tuppurainen, Minister for European Affairs at the Finish Government, said that, at the EU level, in the next six months, Finland would be committed to improving common values and the rule of law, and maintaining a more competitive Europe and comprehensive protection of security of its citizens.

In a discussion that followed, the attendees were also addressed by Chairperson of the Committee on European Integration Mr Slaven Radunović, who wished his colleagues from Finland a successful presidency, especially bearing in mind the need for adjusting priorities at a specific political moment and circumstances requiring possible solutions for consolidating the EU itself. Speaking about the negotiating process of Montenegro and the EU, Mr Radunović believed that in Montenegro, as a young democracy characterized by a long-term rule of one party, the progress in the EU accession process, but also in democratic sense in general, was conditioned by ensuring the system of division of powers and organising fair and free elections. Pointing out the importance of joint action and providing support, he concluded his contribution with the message that parliamentary cooperation, both at the regional and European level, with clear and unequivocal recommendations from Brussels, represented the key to progress and effective dynamics of the integration process of all candidate countries.

In the second session, European parliamentarians discussed the budget of the European Union and the Multiannual Financial Framework. Member of the European Parliament and former French Minister Mr Alain Lamassoure said that the political situation at the EU level affected its economy, which was why it was important that the leading guidelines of the EU action related to promoting competitiveness, adequately using the cohesion fund, but and to be specifically oriented towards the employment, education and strengthening of the single market.

European Parliamentarians agreed that it was necessary to protect the foundations of the European Union - peace, stability, democracy and prosperity, and that the solution was joint action aimed at defending European values and overcoming the current challenges, through strengthening its domestic and foreign security.

Plenary session of the LXII COSAC will be held from 1 to 3 December 2019.