Friday, 26 May 2017 15:32

Secretary General of the Parliament of Montenegro, Mr Aleksandar Jovićević, receives student representatives

Secretary General of the Parliament of Montenegro, Mr Aleksandar Jovićević, received today student representatives of the University of Montenegro, the University of Donja Gorica and the Faculty of Administrative and European Studies as part of marking Students' Info Day

He said on this occasion that NATO membership was a confirmation that Montenegro was a country that has reached the level of democracy of developed and modern countries, adding that by joining the Alliance, Montenegro would gain the best security framework for the prevention of potential threats, challenges and risks to the stability of the country, the region and beyond, thus promoting its image of a stable democracy, accelerating economic development by attracting foreign investments and equally participating in decision-making relevant decisions.

He particularly stressed that in the period of restoration of statehood, Montenegro has clearly shown that its strategic national priorities are the European and Euro-Atlantic integration, convinced that the achievement of these goals is the basis and prerequisite of long-term stability of preservation and promotion of the economic and democratic environment, which are to intensify investment and ensure further economic development and the improvement of security and the rule of law.

Secretary General, Mr Jovićević, informed the students about the work of the Parliament through the main jurisdiction, the adoption of laws, as well as its role in parliamentary diplomacy, international and regular cooperation, manifested through active participation in meetings at the multilateral level, sessions of parliamentary assemblies of international organisations and meetings organised within the semi-annual presidency of the European Union and other forms of parliamentary assembly.

The meeting was organised by the NATO Membership Council's Communication Team in cooperation with the said student associations, as part of the Students' Info Day.